Saturday, August 22, 2015

Bright Ideas: Give a Little Inspiration

It's that time again... time for this month's Bright Idea Link Up!

I don't know about you, but when I am stressed, nervous, feeling down, or like I just don't measure up- reading an inspirational quote makes the weight of the world feel a little lighter.  Sometimes you just need a small reminder that you are not alone, that you just need to put one foot in front of the other and that you are amazing.

A few years back it hit me.... if they help me feel better then I'm sure they could help my students feel a little better!  This brings me to today's bright idea - posting "kid-friendly" quotes in the classroom.

It's really pretty easy, simply do a Google search for kid friendly inspirational quotes.  Type the quote using one of your computer programs (I like to use PowerPoint for posters), print and hang anywhere in your classroom.  I like to change them out throughout the year to give students new things to read.

A few month's ago I stumbled upon this amazing book:

It includes various quotes from Seuss' stories.  I will be posting many of these in my classroom this year.

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  1. Great idea! I love reading, and some of my favorite books have parts that I often return to when I am stressed or frustrated, so I know this will be a great tool for your students to learn! Thank you!

  2. My fourth graders loved Dr. Seuss! Can't wait to share your idea with my friends who are still in the classroom!

  3. Love this! My little office is decorated with inspirational posters, and my struggling readers often ask if they can stay "a bit longer" to read (and reread) the quotes!
    Hello Mrs Sykes

  4. Great idea. I've found if I repeat the quotes every week, the kids start saying them along with me and they really stick!

    Krazy Town