Saturday, June 20, 2015

Bright Ideas: Magnet Organization

It's time for this month's Bright Ideas blog hop!  

Today I want to share with you a little magnet organization idea I came up with in my classroom.

I've got a white board in my room and have found that my magnets tend to collect in one corner of the board (or sometimes grow legs and walk away).  Not only do they take up space, but they are also a huge eye sore (in my opinion).

I came up with an easy and inexpensive fix.  I used a metal baking sheet, scrapbook paper and washi tape to create a "home" for my many magnets.

I simply covered the inside of the baking sheet with the paper and used the washi tape around the edges to hold the paper down and add a little flair.

Now my magnets have their own home!  I attached the baking sheet to the wall next to my board for easy access.  You can do this many ways.  I simply drilled a tiny hole in the baking sheet handle and hung it on a hook.  You could also use command strips or hot glue to attach it to the wall.

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  1. Great idea!! I tried attaching the paper with modge podge for a slightly different project and it wrinkled badly. I like the idea of using Washi Tape! I also like attaching it to the wall near where you want to use it. Fabulous!

    Terri Izatt

  2. I was never good with modge podge but this I can definitely do! My magnets are all over the place!! Great idea!!
    Lynda Curls and a Smile

  3. That is so much nicer! :) Thanks for a great idea for a summer project! :) Fantastic, Mo! :) Love your ideas!!