Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Have a Heart Giveaway and FREEBIE

Hello Friends!

Today I come to you with something dear to my heart and I ask you to open your heart to help me out.  My son's school has teamed up with The American Heart Association to raise money for the fight against Heart Disease by holding a school wide Jump Rope for Heart Event!

My son's goal is to raise $1,000!  In order to help him meet his goal, I am offering you all some incentives. Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner, I figured I'd keep the heart theme going for this event.  I've got lots to offer you for helping my son out, but before I tell you all about it, let me introduce you to my son!

Carson is in 3rd grade!  He is a straight A student and loves playing soccer!  He is a sweet and caring little boy.  As soon as he found out about the jump rope for heart event, he came home telling me that we needed to "give the people at least $1000."  When I told him that $1000 was a lot of money to donate, he said "Come on mom, that's really not that much to help those sick people!  They could use it more than us!" I think this shows you the perfect picture of his little character and giving "heart."  He always looks for ways to help others and I couldn't be more proud of him!

How Can You Help?
I'm asking each one of you to hop over to his donation page and donate anything you can.  Even if it's only $1, you can help us make a difference in someone's life!  As a way to say thank you for donating, I've got a HUGE giveaway and a FREEBIE for you all!  But that's not it, I will also be putting all of my "heart" products on sale (20% off) from Wednesday-Friday!  First, click the link below to go to Carson's donation page to donate.  Then, come back here and enter the rafflecopter below and download your Valentine's Day "hearts" FREEBIE.

1. Donate on Carson's page by clicking the picture below.

***While you are there, check out the toolbar to the left to find Teacher Resources that you can use in your classroom!

2. Enter the giveaway below to win a $50 worth of products (of your choice) from my TpT store!

3. Download your FREEBIE! (Click on the picture below)  Don't forget to shop my Valentine's Day products that are discounted 20% off!!

Thanks so much for sticking with me for this long post!


  1. Hey, just wanted to let you know that there is a $5 minimum when you try to donate.

  2. What a great cause! Carson you are truly an inspiration, who reminds us it is better to give than receive! Keep up the awesome job and I hope you reach your goal!

  3. So sweet of you to set this up to help your son. I've bought plenty of things from my niece and nephews over the years, so I know how many fundraising events parents support. Glad to help him on his quest.