Saturday, November 1, 2014

Election Day Reading Activities

With Election Day right around the corner, have you thought about how to teach your students about this important day that happens each year?  I've created something that I will be using this week and thought I'd let you know about it in case it could help you as well.

Check out my newest product:

 This product is filled with reading activities to help little ones understand elections and Election Day.  This resource is 31 pages and includes:
- Teacher Directions/Suggestions for Success
- Vocabulary Activities - including word strips, word/definition cards in color and black/white, plus a vocabulary quiz
- Graphic Organizers - to use before, during and/or after reading -includes a general web organizer plus a KWL chart
- Full Size Teacher Book - full page, full color teacher book that matches the student mini-reader
- Student mini-readers -8 page books that you can simply copy, cut down the middle and staple to the left.  Each page creates 2 books.
-  Comprehension Printables - two of the printables have students use their books to fill in missing words and one printable includes questions about the book (works great as an assessment)

This product is discounted for the first 48 hours!!

 If you want to check it out, click on the picture below.

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