Monday, April 7, 2014

My favorite graphics! Doodler Showcase plus a FREEBIE

I have to tell you that I have the most amazing followers!!!!  The feedback I receive from you guys is always touching and sweet.  I cherish every single comment even though I don't always have time to respond. I have gotten a lot  of positive feedback about the graphics I use, so I have decided to write this post to showcase one of my favorite doodlers!  I will try to do one post each week until I have covered all of my favorite artists.  Let's check out today's doodler:

Krista Wallden

I came across Krista's store on TpT about 10 months ago when I was still new to creating products for TpT.  Her graphics immediately caught my eye!  When I realized the importance of using quality graphics in my products, I just could not stop buying Krista's clipart!  Everything she releases seems to be even more adorable than the one before!  Currently, I think I own 95% of her collection!  (Yes, I am addicted to coffee and clipart) 

This may sound silly to you, but one of the reasons her graphics stand out to me is because she uses thick outlining.  (I was always the kid that would finish coloring my picture with crayons and go back with a black or colored marker and outline my art)  I really love this aspect when it comes to working in black and white on my resources. The thick outline makes the graphic pop off the page, in my opinion.  
Another cool thing about shopping with Krista, she always has something new up her sleeve.  She offers Limited Edition items every once in a while that are superb and only available for a short period of time.  Check out her current limited edition set that is available by clicking HERE.  These are a few of my resorces using some of her past limited edition sets:


The bright green borders above are from one of her limited edition sets.  This product was created with ONLY Creative Clips graphics and includes pictures from over 22 of Krista's graphic sets!! The adorable little girl is from Krista's Creative Clips Club which I will explain next.

Krista also has something called a monthly Creative Clips Club!  I absolutely love this!!  You can purchase each month at her TpT store.  When you purchase this monthly club, she adds one new graphic set for each week in that month.  Not only do you get a really great deal on the cost but you also get items that have not been released yet.  Krista promises not to release any of the CCClub graphics until 3 months after the club members had access to them.  I am now in my 4th month of being a member and I can tell you that you will not regret purchasing these!!  Here are some more of my products using here CCClub graphics:

The snowmen were part of her January club and have actually just been released to all shoppers in here store.  The adorable St. Patrick's day graphics were part of her February club.

Here are more of my products using Creative Clips...





And my newest product, using Krista's Easter graphics...

And as the title of this post states, I do have a new FREEBIE for you guys and of course it was created with graphics by Krista!  Click on the picture below to download your copy today!

Click on any picture above to see the product in my store.

Before you go, I do want to let you know that Krista just hit 10,000 followers at her TpT store and is hosting a 10 day celebration filled with freebies each day, giveaways, and much, much more!!!  Click on her celebration button below to hop over to her blog, The Creative Chalkboard, and read all about here celebration!

Have a great day!  Thanks for stopping by, I would love to hear your comments!


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