Monday, March 3, 2014

Read Across America Linky - Favorite Children's Authors

Happy Monday friends!  I'm off all week for the Mardi Gras holidays and hoping to blog every day!  I've got so much I want to share with you all, but never have time.

Today I am linking up with Primary Chalkboard for their Read Across America Week Linky!  Today's topic is Favorite Children's Author and Books...

I love to read!  I have been an avid reader ever since I put my hands on a "Babysitter's Club" book around the age of 9!!  Who remembers the wonderful Babysitter's Club Series?

After the first one I read, I was hooked!!  I am almost positive I read the entire series!  It was an enjoyable pass time for me and as a teacher I try my best to instill this passion in my students.  Here are just a few of my all time favorite authors and books that I read to my students year after year...

1. Dr. Seuss
Who doesn't love the fun word play of the amazing Dr. Seuss?  I sure do!  My students, for the most part, are always captivated and filled with laughter and giggles when I read his books.  A few of my favorite titles to share in my classroom are...

In honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday and Read Across America Day yesterday, I created a resource to use in my classroom for my students to get some extra practice with Reading and comprehension.  I uploaded it to my TpT store yesterday if you want to check it out.


Click on the picture above to read more about this product in my store.

2. H. A. Rey
Curious George books are another hit in my classroom!  I love using these books to introduce topics we study.  Students can easily relate to this little mischievous monkey which helps them engage in story discussions which in turn always helps their comprehension.

3. Brad Meltzer

I just recently found this author and his books and I'm in love already!  His series, entitled Ordinary People Change the World, are perfect for K-3 classrooms to teach about important people of the past.  His kid-friendly text help students to understand the importance of these people in a way that many other books don't do. (In my opinion)  It has always been hard for me to locate biographies/auto-biographies that are age appropriate for my students, so finding Brad's series was a splendid surprise!  He currently has books on Abe Lincoln and Amelia Earhart. His 3rd book is about the life of Rosa Parks and has not been released yet, but you can pre-order at Amazon.  Click {here} to visit the official website for this series if you want to learn more.

I could write many more pages of my favorite authors for the classroom, but for your sanity I will stop at 3.  I hope you enjoyed learning who some of my favorites are.  Make sure to hop over to Primary Chalkboard to read about other bloggers favorites or link up and share yours.  Click the picture below.

Check back every day this week as I plan to link up and share about the topic for the day during this week long Read Across America Linky.  

Have a fabulous day!
-Monique :)


  1. I love those kid friendly biographies!! I need some of those!!!
    Latoya Reed
    Flying into First

    1. They are wonderful! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I am anxious to get my hands on the Brad Melzer books. My students have been really interested in biographies recently from a few guided reading books we've used. These look really great. I like the "A Picture book of XXX" series too.

    1. Your students will love them! Thanks for stopping by my blog.