Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Linkys and FREEBIES

Who is ready for a TpT sale?  I am, I am! My wishlist is about to bust with all of the goodies I am planning on scooping up Monday and Tuesday!

Graphics by Krista Wallden

Today I'm linking up with 2 fellow bloggers to showcase some of my items (Christmas and non-holiday) you may want to scoop up during the big sale.

The first product I want to show you is a wayyyy overdue newly updated product.  I have been cringing lately when people purchased this product because of the blurry graphics and boring format.  You can tell it was one of my first products!  I used to be only 6 pages and here is what it used to look like:

Now I am proud to say that the updated Learning Letter Combinations resource is now 70 pages and is a much better product (in my opinion)!  Check it out:


Looks a little better, don't you think?  Click on the first picture to download the revised copy if you already own this item or to read more about it if you are interested in purchasing it.

Now for a few Holiday themed resources:

Click on each image above to learn more about each product.  I also want to let you know about an updated Christmas Freebie that is now available in my store:

Click on the picture to download your copy today!  

And don't forget about Elf Sentences!  This is also a Christmas Freebie!

Hope you enjoyed checking out some of my products!  Thanks to these two wonderful blogs for hosting amazing linkys!  Click on the buttons to visit the linky and read many more posts from other bloggers.

Stephanie from Principal Principles

Have a wonderful day!


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