Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Great Graphics and a Giveaway

Good Evening All!  Is it really Wednesday night?!  Where does the time go?  I have a short post for you tonight but 2 important things to share with everyone.

I would think that most of you are aware of who Ashley Hughes is and the wonderful graphics that she creates (I use her graphics OFTEN and talk about her in posts all the time).  Ashley was the first person that I bought graphics from when I began creating and I have been a H-U-G-E fan ever since!  Today I want to quickly share her latest product(s) (posted Monday to her TpT store), they are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!  Her MEGA Alphabet Bundle is so big that she had to break it into 2 separate files in order for TpT to be able to upload it!!!

Check it out:

What an amazing set! Don't you think so?  As soon as she posted it Monday I bought my copy and have been creating with it ever since!  Each letter contains 7 pictures that begin with it, images are provided in PNG, JPEG, Color, and Blackline! I promise you it is well worth the investment!  Click the links below find out more at her TpT store. PLUS...keep a watch out for my HUGE alphabet learning activity and printable set that I am creating with this set.  

And #2

I finally created a Facebook Page, More Than Math by Mo, which leads me to my Giveaway!!  I will be randomly giving away products until my page reaches 30 likes! 

What am I going to giveaway you ask?  That depends on my winners! Each time I run random generator and choose a winner, they get to pick ANY item of their choice from my TpT store (excluding bundles)!  

How to you enter you ask?  
-  Click on this link:
 -  Find my post that begins with ********Giveaway********* (2/20/13)
-   Once you find the post explaining the Giveaway, "Like" my page then leave a comment (be sure it includes your email address)

I will post to my timeline each time I pull a number (according to comment #) as well as email the winner.  I'm thinking my first name will be chosen as soon as I wake tomorrow (Thursday) morning!  Good Luck!

Remember I will randomly choose winners until I get 30 "Likes."  Feel free to spread the word!

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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