Tuesday, February 5, 2013

FREEBIE Friday (on Tuesday)

Well friends if you saw my post on Friday you know that I had computer problems and was unable to share a freebie with you all.  Please learn from my experience and always back up your files somewhere.  I am still in shock that ALL of my products that I have created over the past few months are gone!  I still have access to the PDF files but cannot edit them.  I am very happy that TpT houses all of your purchases with unlimited downloads because my graphics vanished as well. I am now using (click the link to find out more) to save my files as well as backing them up on an external hard drive.  I never want to go through this again. Anyways...

I was able to create a freebie for you guys to make up for not sharing one on Friday.  I promised it would be a good one since it's 4 days late.  I hope you like it and find it useful.

My newest product (which will be available tomorrow on TpT) is an activity set that works with initial blends (specifically bl, cl, fl, pl, sl, and gl).  It includes picture/word cards to use during a mini-lesson then as a center, sorting mats with picture cards for each of the 6 blends covered, puzzles, and printables.  To show my appreciation to my followers I pulled 8 pages from the full set and created a sample set freebie for you.  Click on one of the pictures above to download your very own set from my Dropbox. 

Feel free to leave a comment to share your experience with losing files or suggestions and tips for backing up data.  I would love to hear that I'm not alone :)


  1. Glad you did Dropbox!! I'm so sorry it happened though. :(
    Ideas By Jivey

  2. Thanks for letting me know about Dropbox! I had never heard of it before. You Rock!

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  4. Oh goodness girl! That's terrible. Glad you still have them, but stinks yo can't edit. I had that happen a while back and would up buying an external hard drive that I back up every couple of weeks. Your Blends pack looks awesome!!!

  5. I am glad to hear that you are able to move on and still create. It is horrible to lose files. On a smaller scale, I lost all data on my Palm many moons ago. A year ago, I lost all photos on my cell phone, I didn't back them up, too. The charger port on the phone was somehow damaged, so I couldn't charged my cell phone any longer. Boy, was it frustrating. On another note, I am taking advantage of your sale on tpt. Definitely can implement many of your products in a flash. Thanks so much for your creations.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Happy to hear that I'm not alone. Also I am so happy to hear that you find my products useful!