Sunday, February 17, 2013

5 New Products including a FREEBIE

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I was busy finishing up a couple 5 products and uploading them to my TpT store.  I am pretty proud of myself-5 products in 2 days!! Yay!! Go me :) (while doing a happy dance)  I wanted to share with you what my newest items are- I hope you find something that may work for you.  Don't forget to download the FREEBIE!

1. Contraction Action: Activity Set and Printables
    --This is the set that I created for my sis (who has just accepted her first teaching job-if you missed my Friday post).  It includes 4 different games, recording sheets, and printables that revolve around mastering contractions.  The games include a word sort, I have who has card game, puzzles, and two versions of scoot!

    --This game is very similar to my VERY popular Valentine's Day I Have Who Has Game.  For this set, I added an answer key and the black and white set of the game.  This game is also different in the words used.  The St. Patrick's Game includes the 25 most frequently used Primer Dolch Sight Words.

    --This is a set of printables for word work on all Primer Level Dolch Sight Words.  All 52 words are covered in the printables.  You also receive sight word lists that break down all words into groups of 10 (except for List 5 which includes 12 words).  The possibilities are endless with this set.

     --Using some wonderful graphics I was able to come up with a simple reader that can go great with a discussion about presidents and symbols of America.  In addition to the cut and paste student readers, this set also includes a full size, full color teacher book, vocabulary word picture cards, and labeling printables. This would be a quick, no set up activity for tomorrow or anytime this week that you discuss President's Day.
Sorry about these pictures, they are not the best!  Hop over to my store to get a better look!

    ---Talk about a quick set up!  Simply print out, give students dice (2 or 3 depending the game card being used), a handful of counters and a partner and they are ready to play.  This game has students roll the dice, add the numbers, look for the sum on their game card, then cover it if they have the sum.  The first person to cover all numbers is the winner.  Great way to incorporate President's Day into your math lesson.

Click on the title or pictures of the freebie to get your free copy! 

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