Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Pinterest Boards plus a FREEBIE

Happy Saturday Today is dedicated to my Pinterest boards. I have neglected my boards for long enough so today I have rearranged them, added some new ones, and changed some titles. I also added 2 "collaborative" boards. This will be a first for me.

 If you would like to join them, click the links below follow the board(s)(you must follow the board before I can add you-as per Pinterest)then leave a comment here with your pinterest info and I will add you.
 I have one dedicated to freebies--->  Freebies from TpT
And another dedicated to blogs---> Teacher blogs Latest & Greatest
I am excited to see what these boards will have to offer.

Another thing I am excited about is the Valentine's Day Pattern Mini-Unit I am working on.  It should be finished within the next day or two.  While waiting, I decided to give you guys a sneak peek.  Click on the picture below for a FREEBIE of a couple printables from the Valentine's Day Patten Unit.  I hope you enjoy!  Check my store in the next few days to see the entire unit!

Thanks for visiting.  I love reading your comments, so feel free to let me know what you think about anything from this post.

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