Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Must-See Website plus FREEBIE

Today I want to talk about technology in the classroom.  We all know that technology is constantly changing and the latest craze is all about the "i" (iPad, iPod, iPhone).  It is my belief that as teachers, we need to keep up with current technology in order to give our students an advantage.  I have been owning an iPad for a few years and just purchased an iPad mini.  I use my older iPad in my classroom as a computer station.  In order to make sure it is educational (and fun) I am constantly looking for apps (preferably free) to help meet the needs of my students.  While searching the internet at the beginning of the school year I came across an amazing website that I must share with you.

This website (blog) keeps readers up to date on the latest and greatest apps for all ages, preschool through high school).  I have also shared this website with my students' parents.  Anybody that has children and uses i technology can benefit greatly from this website!

My favorite part of the website is the Free App Alert!  Enter your email address in the area provided (see picture below) in the right column of the website and you will receive daily emails.
The daily email will tell you about one(or more) great FREE app(s) available that day. Most of the time the email shares an app for younger children and one for older children  To get the free app you can go to the iTunes store and search for it, or simply click the link from your email-it's that easy! For those of you who are worried that their email inbox will be filled with junk mail due to signing up, have no fear.  I have been signed up for many months and have not received any other emails from this site besides the one daily email.  Sometimes the free app that you are alerted to is only free for a limited time(what a bargain!).  Over the holidays, I stocked up on probably $20 worth of apps and didn't pay anything!  I would have never known about these deals if it hadn't been for the Free App Alert!

Today's Free App Alert:

LEGO Creationary-This app is fun for the whole family.  It's all about building and guessing creations made with virtual legos.  There are many different modes giving the user countless amount of playing time.

$20 worth of American and World History Apps-(older children) This is actually four separate apps that are regularly $5 each.  Each one contains tons of flash cards, reviews, quizzes  and games that revolve around American and World History for middle and high school students.

And the best part of today's email (in my opinion) is...

New Year Giveaway: An iPad Mini
Click on the picture or follow this link to enter

I hope you found some useful information in today's post.  In honor of the "i" technology I have created a few "i" inspired freebies for you! Click on the picture to download your copy today.

Long i Vowel Sound:
 Color the App FREEBIE 
Grades PK-2

Color the apps with pictures that contain the long i sound.

Writing Freebie: 
Create a New App
Grades 2-5

Write a newspaper article about a new app that you have created and illustrate the icon and a screen shot of your app.

Sight Word ABC Order:
 Cut & Paste Freebie
Grades K-2

Read the sight words on each app.  Cut them out and glue them in ABC order on the home screen.

I hope you enjoyed today's post. I would love to hear your comments to help me decide if I should highlight a website once a week-Thanks.


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