Monday, December 10, 2012

Surprise Monday Giveaway

Happy Monday evening to you all. I for one am happy to see this day end. I woke up to a stormy Louisiana morning and struggled to make it through this dreary day but......there's nothing like a giveaway to end the day on a positive note :) Keep reading to find out the details of the giveaway.  I worked hard to complete and post 4 new products to my store this weekend. Here is a peek at my new items:

CVC Word Families: Printable Activities
These 18 printables are packed with activities for the following word families:

at, an, et, en, it, ig, ot, op, ip, un, ug,and ut.
I have included many pictures throughout the set for students who may still need visual cues.

more Christmas Patterns
I have received such positive feedback from my past holiday patterns unit (and I have tons of amazing Christmas clip art-by Ashley Hughes) so I figured I would make another Christmas set.  This set is smaller but still has everything that you need to teach or reinforce patterns.

Find Five for Each Family: Word Family Activity Set & Printables
I know-I know-long title, but I just had to use the three F words-find, five, family and this is the shortest title  that I could come up with haha.  Let me just say I love stars and I found a way to incorporate them into word families with a word for each point. This 40 page set provides you with many options in sorting words according to their word family.  The following picture shows a snipet of the                                                                                    center activity  in use.

And my final product uploaded this weekend is

This set is perfect for students who are transitioning from numbers sense to simple addition.  It includes puzzles, word wall matching game and printables.  
The activities are sure to please your little ones!

Now for the important part-------the Giveaway!!

1. My favorite holiday by far is Christmas!  What is your favorite holiday?  Leave a comment on THIS post telling me what your favorite holiday is for a chance to win a free product from my store!  Winner(s) will get to choose ANY product that is currently available for purchase at my TpT store! 

2. But wait, it gets better.  The more comments I receive, the more winners I will choose.  The number of winners will increase by 1 for every 15 comments I receive.  For example 1-14 comments=1 winner, 15-29 comments=2 winners, 30-44 comments=3 winners, etc...  so spread the word about the giveaway to increase your chances!!  

3.Also... Tell your friends to visit my blog and leave a comment stating that you sent them and your name will be put in the giveaway again!( Your name MUST be included in their comment for it to count)  For example: Send 10 friends my way and they say that you sent them, your name is now in the giveaway 11 times!! 

**Comments will be counted from now through Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at 10:00 PM Central US time.  A winner will be announced here and in a new post on Thursday morning.  Good Luck!

ALL of you guys that commented have one a FREE product of your choice-ANY product regardless of cost!  Check your email! Thank you and Merry Christmas



  1. Easter! I LOVE chocolate :p

    maestra.kirra (at)

  2. My favorite holiday is Christmas as well.


  3. My favorite holiday was Valentine's Day when my late husband was alive. He made the day so special! Now, it's Christmas, I guess. No holidays are as special as they used to be.

  4. My favorite holiday is Easter.

  5. Thank you all for commenting! I have decided to give you each a free product for sharing your favorite holiday!!!! Merry Christmas!!

    I will email each of you shortly. Head over to my store to choose the product that you want you may choose ANY product!!!