Thursday, December 27, 2012

My favorite FREEBIE Linky Party

I am humbled by the joy I can and do bring to other educators when I create and offer a FREEBIE!  Since the day I walked through the door of my very own classroom for the very first time, I realized and continue to realize the importance of collaborating with other educators.  Sometimes the smallest suggestion from a colleague will spark something huge that helps me to push to be the best that I can be for my students.  Collaboration is the reason that I am linking up to My Favorite Freebie Linky Party hosted by Cynthia at Second Grade Pad.  It is my turn to give back in honor of all those who gave to me throughout the years.

In order to link up I need to share with you the best freebie that I feel I have created.  I also have to tell you why it's my favorite.  So here goes...     

My favorite freebie is...

(Click on the title or picture to get your copy)

This Freebie is a sample of my larger set(and bundle) that are in my store. It contains activities that compare and contrast the silent "e" word families -ake & -ine. These activities involve higher order thinking, reach all learning styles, and are aligned with the Common Core State Standards. They can be used during whole group, small group, or independent learning.  

On the first activity page students will read the ten sentences.  As they read, they will come across words that end in -ake and also -ine.  When they find a word from these word families, they will circle it.  After they are done reading all sentences and circling all words they will fill in the T chart at the bottom.  They will write each word they circled under the correct heading so that the words are classified according to their rime.

For the second activity students will cut apart all word card pieces.  At this point students can create some type of hands-on activity (use your imagination).  My students have simply glued them together onto construction paper, played memory match (after student flips 2 cards if they can be put together to create a word they keep the cards), and one more fun activity is to give each student a card and instruct them to work together to find another student that they can combine their card with to make a correct word.

For the final activity students will create a "word" family tree for each separate rime.  (picture to the left only shows printables used to make the -ake tree)  Students will cut out the 9 leaves, color them, then write a word on each leaf that belongs to the word family indicated at the bottom of the page.  (they may use the previous activities to find words if they are struggling to write their own)
After each leaf contains a word, students will color the bare tree and glue all leaves onto it.  Trees can be used to decorate a bulletin board, to display near the writing center to be used as reference, or students can keep in a special place for reference at their desk.

This is my favorite freebie because...
This is my current favorite for many reasons.  I love teaching word families.  I don't know exactly what it is about them but it has always been one of my favorite skills to teach.  It is also my favorite because I feel it offers more content then my other freebies.  This could be enough work for an entire week of activities and it is free!  I also like the design of each activity.  I feel the format is very "kid" friendly.  The final reason I call this my favorite is because the activities were created with ALL learning styles in mind.  The activities vary in order to meet the needs of each and every student that completes them.

I hope you and your littles enjoy this freebie as much as I do.  To find more freebies or link up your own favorite freebie, click on the picture to the left and hop on over to 2nd Grade Pad.



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