Thursday, December 27, 2012

12 Things I Loved About Christmas 2012 Linky Party!

I'm sure you guys are thinking I'm a little obsessed with posting the last few days but I promise I have not gone insane.  Since school is out this is a perfect time for me to be a full time blogger. :)  Anyway, on with the post...  I am linking up with Mel at From the Pond to share 12 things I loved about Christmas 2012 and you should too.  I enjoy getting a sneak peek at the personal life of the person behind the blog and what better way to do this than to share the things we loved about this past Christmas.  Simply click on the picture below to head over to From the Pond and join the linky.

12 Things I Loved About Christmas 2012:

1.  The birthday of Jesus Christ-Christmas is always a time that I evaluate my relationship with the Lord above and thank him for the many blessings in my life.

2.  Spending time with family members that I don't get to see as often as I would like.  Now that we have children of our own we love to talk about things we did for Christmas as children.

3.Shopping (online) is a guilty pleasure of mine so I love the fact that I can shop for gifts at Christmas time and not feel guilty about it.  This app was my best friend for the entire month of December :)

                                                       Amazon Mobile App 

4. I loved indulging in holiday candy (cordial cherries are my favorite) as well as baked goodies.  I am not a baker but I do love to make chocolate covered treats.  My signature is chocolate covered pretzels but I will dip just about anything.  Here is a picture of my chocolate covered items I made Christmas morning-chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered cherries (mice), and chocolate covered graham crackers.

5.  I also loved the feeling I had each time I gave someone a gift (especially those who were not expecting it).  I have always been a giving person but the first Christmas that I had my own children I realized the true meaning of giving gifts.  I realized that not receiving any gifts but giving many away is the most humbling experience.  This is a picture of the presents under my Christmas tree-I never have enough room under that poor tree.

6.  The smiles on my boy's faces when they run into the living room on Christmas morning!  Priceless!

7.  Wrapping Presents..most people find this to be a chore but I find it somewhat therapeutic.   Plus I always enjoy activities that allow me to be creative.  I had to take a picture of this one-I was very proud of it.  I made the bow all by myself (I usually use store bought bows).

8. Our classroom Christmas tree-I give students full control of what goes on the tree.  By the time our Holiday break comes the tree is always a true masterpiece of student work. 


9.  Holiday inspired (Starbucks) coffee and drinking it from a holiday mug in front of my fireplace. 

10. Sitting in my living room playing board games with all the lights out except for the Christmas tree and garland lights admiring our beautifully decorated home.  I could just stare at my decorations forever.  I feel an enormous sense of peace.  

Now for my final 2!  I saved the best for last.......

11. I loved being able to spend the Christmas season sharing resources and ideas in the blogging world.  And for that I am thankful.  I began blogging only 3 months ago so this was my first Christmas sharing with wonderful people.  To each and every one of you that has made me feel welcome, I say "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart. (If you have never heard of my blog, feel free to check out the rest of my blog and follow me if you would like.

12.  My TpT store- It was also my first Christmas as a TpT seller and wow I just love it.  I love being able to share products that I create with everyone.  I enjoy making products with a holiday theme (if you follow me, you already know this is true) and I also enjoy sharing Freebies in my store.  Plus the little bit of extra income is always a plus.  Since my TpT store is the thing I loved the most about Christmas I think it is only fair that I share a freebie with you.  Click on the picture below to download your copy today.

Thanks for taking the time to read about why I loved Christmas.  I hope you will click the Linky Party button at the beginning of this post and join us by linking up.  I love reading feedback and comments--feel free to tell me what you think.  Many wishes for a blessed, joyous, and prosperous 2013.



  1. ohmygoodness - I can't believe I forgot to put online shopping on my list! I seriously save so that I can enjoy the post-Christmas (Boxing day for us here in Australia) sales each December.
    I love giving gifts too - and your boys look so excited! Great to meet you via the link up!
    Miss Rachael Teaches

  2. Love your classroom tree and how it becomes a beautiful student work display!

    The Bender Bunch